Hatzel and Gretel


The trip to the forest was going to be pleasant. After a few hours, you decide to go home, but there’s a little problem. You don’t remember which way to go. Every tree looks the same. You must have passed this stone already! Every minute you realize that you will not find your way back. It’s getting dark slowly, will you have to spend the night in this forest? But wait a minute! What is it? There is a light in the distance. You come closer and it turns out that it’s a hut in the middle of the forest – saved! However, it does not look like an ordinary forester’s house, there is something… sweet about it. Is this a Gingerbread hut !? A fantasy room in a fairy-tale atmosphere! Take a group of friends and meet Hansel and Gretel and the gingerbread cottage. We guarantee 60 minutes of great fun.

Prices Hatzel and Gretel:

                mon – thu 60 eur. (2 people/ 60 minutes)

75 eur (3-4 people)

                fri – sun 70 eur. (2 people)

85 eur. (3-4 people)

Please read the terms and conditions before booking.

If you want to visit the Hatzel and Gretel room on the day of booking, please contact us by phone.

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